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Site policy

Products and Images On Line

SHUSALA declines every responsibility that, due to a particular configuration of a client’s computer or to malfunction, the colors of the products visualized on the web site could appear to be slightly different from the original. Images on SHUSALA belong to Shusala and any unauthorized use of these images without the express written consent of Shusala is forbidden. It is possible that Designers make changes during the production phase and/or decide not to produce an item. In the event there is a difference with an "order for production" item or an item will not arrive from the Designer, SHUSALA will contact the Client for express approval and either proceed to shipment or cancel the order for a refund. For more information contact:

Product availability

Items featured on the web site reflect the actual availability of the item in color and size as communicated by the manufacturers. Once the order is processed by the Orders Department SHUSALA reserves the right to re-confirm the availability of the merchandise, verify the transaction’s validity and check the Client’s record with SHUSALA.COM. Clients will be informed if for any reason the item ordered is not available or if the order cannot be processed as per the Client’s request. SHUSALA as a result of the customer order, withdraw the products from production sites and ship to the customer. The shipping may take place directly from the address of the production site. This process ensures the authenticity of each item and its origin "Made in Italy". 

Terms & Conditions

This notice contains the terms and legal conditions that govern the web site, SHUSALA. Users of SHUSALA accept and agree to respect all the conditions included in this declaration. If Users do not accept these terms, SHUSALA reserves the right to ask the Users to refrain from using the SHUSALA web site. The access and the use of the web site SHUSALA.COM are for personal use only. The visualization of the web site SHUSALA.COM provides Clients with product information and the possibility to purchase merchandise.

Property - Copyright & Trademark

VST SRL is the owner of the web site SHUSALA.COM and its contents. This includes, but is not limited to, the documentation, images, characters, design, music, software, codes and format scripts. The material included in the web site SHUSALA.COM is protected by copyright. Reproduction, modification, transmission, re-publication and/or re-distribution to third parties for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited without the express written consent from SHUSALA does not allow the use of the web site’s contents or the trademark for any other purpose than what is written above.