Shusala - The word for Italian shoes

SHUSALA. The last word in Italian shoes

There is an Italian saying that explains Shusala perfectly: speak as you eat. We know that Italians know how to do two things: cooking and eating ... Speak as you eat is an invitation to be authentic. When food is not good quality, it fills us up but it doesn’t satisfy us. However, take our shoes: they are not only made in Italy, but are designed and made by hand, one by one, by master craftsmen. We estimate that, adding up all the years of experience of our eighteen producers, we have over 1000 years of history in the world of footwear in over 100,000 models. What do you think, can you trust us?

Many styles and model from our artisans
Buy the shoe you like
The artisan produce your shoe
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Shusala [/ʃuːsʌlə/]: verb ( intransitive ) imperative

Synonim: Make that shoes!Please, make that shoes.